Puzzle No. 3512

Puzzle No. 3512


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1 Chinese food (mostly chicken) hardens political philosopher (9,6)

 9 Janelle Monáe eating fruit (5)

10 Display web location with article and essay (9)

11 Hints from one in US confused about goal (10)

12 Foreign aid to secure eastern border of El Salvador (4)

14 Look at Obama’s pet in a summerhouse (6)

15 Hunter’s companion mixed dough with Don (5,3)

18 Small commotion breaks up man and beast (8)

19 Iran once remodeled a spire (6)

22 Enter back of stage box in a theater (4)

24 Like a gentleman or lady, with our blended Scotch outside (10)

26 Ancestor to sing about publication? No (3-6)

27 Biden, say, returns with empty grievance (5)

28 You and I controlling creeps with endless alarm (and large firearm) (10,5)


1 Hearty affair gets around international boundaries (7)

2 Protects $1 million bond with almost complete enthusiasm (9)

3 This could keep you in one place: study part of speech (in reverse as well) (6,4)

4 Claim pedestrians conceal block (6)

5 Protestant university in massive denial (8)

6 Bread, either way (4)

7 Congress doesn’t begin to back art surplus (5)

8 Designing a home for pigs and fish (7)

13 Scramble line and report unwelcome guest (10)

16 Deal with enemies’ missions and recognize escalation (7,2)

17 Actor is much obliged to retain meditative sound (3,5)

18 Host infected by species that hurts farm animal (4,3)

20 Legendary German doctor loses head before favoring strict simplicity (7)

21 Street of a performance locale (6)

23 Mature Republican, wearing dress… (5)

25 …is in possession of hot dope (4)



9 O + RIG + IN 10 LEE + C
11 THE + I + STIC[k] 12 2 defs.
14 anag. 16 “pray” 17 E + YELID (anag.) 18 anag. 21 L + U
23 [r]EGRET 24 hidden
25 anag. 27 anag. 29 anag.
30 theme revealer

DOWN1 [t]-ULL-T + I’M 2 2 defs.3 ORES + T + FIR
4 EAT + [a]UR[a] 5 2 defs. 6 anag. 7 2 defs.
13 “LMN” + TAR + Y 15 pun 19 anag. 20 REEB + I (rev.)
22 LOON + I.E. 26 O(X)EN (one anag.) 28 hidden

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