Puzzle No. 3359

Puzzle No. 3359


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 1 Tolerates bad writers (5)

 4 Violet kicked back with King Kong, e.g. (a movie for watching at home, once) (9)

 9 Team with a specific assignment might ask for certain materials (4,5)

10 Bite a cut of lamb containing bit of mint (5)

11 Without fail, gropes some fish (4)

12 Author discussed something to hold ice-cream-and-peanut product (5,5)

14 Stray scandal concerning an opera singer? (8)

15 Stabs informant, returning contents of desk (6)

18 Get white, and ultimately pastel, in a location where some get tan (6)

19 Capital from friend ahead of a nuisance (8)

22 Wino and lapdog romping in shallow water (6,4)

24 Offensive excerpt from smug lyricist (4)

26 Big cat’s loud growl from Southeast Asia? (5)

27 Pound a long hole for a team sport (9)

28 Unmarried woman’s collection is originally hijacked by international cartel, along with the man’s shirt (4,5)

29 Secure sectors in a recession (5)


 1 Impetuous person, naked, shot French tea commercial (7)

 2 Evil caste running amok—hey, what are you gonna do about it? (4,2,3)

 3 Piece of furniture is unfinished until now (4)

 4 Done removing cap and opening wine (8)

 5 Radio personality residing in Abidjan? (6)

 6 In the West by chance, switching blood types at first (10)

 7 Hurt back near New York (5)

 8 The author is upset over iron ruler (7)

13 Self-absorbed, unreliable concierge takes time (10)

16 Combatant secures perimeter of reconnaissance ship (9)

17 Passage from Nahum? Or is that someone making a joke? (8)

18 Entrance in part of the Internet raised desire (7)

20 Children’s store retouched photos featuring yeti’s face (3,4)

21 Cut stone in Guadalajara—that is hard to see through (6)

23 Find a small dog tag turned over (3,2)

25 A dentist’s supplements (4)


ACROSS 1 pun 9 anag. 10 NEED + LED 11 “chilly” 12 anag.
13 EN(TROP)Y (yen anag., port rev.)
15 AD VERSE 17 anag. 19 ENCO (anag.) + DER (rev.) 21 SPRIN[t] + KLER ([c]lerk anag.) 23 anag.
25 not cryptic 26 H(AI)TIAN (a hint anag.) 27 pun

DOWN 1 2 defs. (&lit.) 2 [s]HINDI[g] 3 S + PIRITOSO (anag.)
4 NUR (rev.) + SE + [bu]RY 5 PAN + ACE + A 6 anag. 7 SOLD(I)ERED
8 ADH (anag.) + ERE 14 THEOR (anag.) + ETIC (rev.) 16 VA + CA + NC + I.E. + S 17 AU + S + TIN
18 anag. 19 EARS HOT 20 RU(L + IN)GS 22 anag. 24 P + RICE

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