Puzzle No. 3350

Puzzle No. 3350

And don’t miss Kosman and Picciotto’s crossword blog, Word Salad.


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And don’t miss Kosman and Picciotto’s crossword blog, Word Salad.



 1 Drugs quietly damage expert near New York city limits (both East and West) (15)

 9 Dislodged a firm pile to get equipment for a band (9)

10 George Bush is out of cleaning product for table (5)

11 Single amethyst provides sparkle (5)

12 Laurel interrupts game of chance, resulting in separation (8)

14 Lawbreaker to kill Terminator (8)

16 Sketch is badly singed (6)

18 Particle with zero charge? There’s an idea (6)

20 Bird is on fire on disc (8)

23 Emissary from the French at the door (8)

24 Prodded peacenik to accept end of war (5)

27 Musical résumé online? (5)

28 Sting set in motion by them! (3,6)

29 Soldier, possibly capturing European-era soldiers—that’s what it takes to stay in control (5,10)


 1 Infestation said to cover circular area for 4 (10)

 2 On the way back, help pass around fruit (5)

 3 Civil servant with a redundant-sounding job (7)

 4 Kids in South American country largely misdirected geek (8)

 5 Got high from a bit of uncensored writing (6)

 6 Ape is the first companion hiding that thing (7)

 7 Compulsion to use a mathematical operation, getting an average grade (9)

 8 Time to pray for an erotic message (4)

13 Oh! Nice broadcast before musical becomes chaotic (10)

15 Plump fish losing roe, to begin with, and gaining offspring (9)

17 Paramour takes ecstasy while in a rehab program—it’s soothing (4,4)

19 Bizarre opera in the outdoors (4,3)

21 Bee beneath mother’s tree (7)

22 A catchphrase is almost a way to catch someone (6)

25 At first, orchids are green (5)

26 That woman’s a goddess (4)


ACROSS 1 OS + CART + HE(G)R + OUCH 9 TOOL + BAR[g] (rev.) 10 REF + RESH 11 RADICAL (cad, liar anag.) + “sheik” 12 & 22 HAS + TEN 13 C(LIEN)T 14 anag. 17 ONE(U)PPED (rev.) 19 T + HEIST 24 anag. 26 “heir, fair” 27 anag. 28 MAR(XIS)T (rev.) + TH + OUGHT

DOWN 1 [p]OTTER[y] 2 C + LOUD + NINE (f + ix) 3 RUB + ICON 4 H(ERAL)D (Lear anag.) 5 anag. 6 anag. 7 “check” 8 CHE + STNUT (anag.) 13 anag. 15 GRIM + ACING 16 DEVO + TEES 18 P(HAL)AN + X 20 anag. 21 anag. 23 hidden 25 POS(I)T

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