Puzzle No. 3334

Puzzle No. 3334

And don’t miss Kosman and Picciotto’s crossword blog, Word Salad.


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And don’t miss Kosman and Picciotto’s crossword blog, Word Salad.


 6 Shock crazy running back (4)

 7 See 19

11 See 21

12 Killer of diplomat adores stuffing (7)

13 Unsavory thugs, hot for ideas…(8)

16 See 18A

18 and 16 …are well positioned as pets try dancing outside it (3,6)

18 and 32 Caesar has a vehicle, taking time for a labor action (3-4,6)

19 and 7 Be exceedingly formal or expressionless when eating alongside formerly disbanded rock group from Athens, GA (5,2,8)

19 and 23 Distant stall where you might buy a bass? (11)

21 and 11 Failing alien test, I appear in public after death (3,2,5)

21 and 31 Art song or spiritual chant shaking off sun god’s slumber (3,7)

23 See 19

24 Source of ivory, say, near the center of Deep Southern city (8)

29 Peachy cereal mentioned in a kind of speech (7)

31 See 21

32 See 18A

33 Hollered “Go away, mule” (4)


 1 Top and sides of trumpets supported by trumpeter Al (1-5)

 2 Need more tangled thorns to fill square up (3,5,2)

 3 Turmoil disrupted tuners (6)

 4 Mail-order carrier for aristocrat (4)

 5 Yes, Frost recited Keats and Yeats, for example (3,5)

 8 Award from 2000 included in the old retrospective (4)

 9 Whole drain under the middle of avenue (6)

10 Enthusiast, terminally long in tooth (4)

14 See 20

15 Capsized conveyances cause pain (5)

17 Wires to the roof she originally tied around standard set (10)

18 Mysterious task: code pen (8)

20 and 14 Put down men’s culinary creations (6)

22 Ties an idiot around a bed (6)

25 Author’s musical instrument taking dip, unfortunately (6)

26 Spock finally has to irritate his captain (4)

27 Loudly badger topless woman in the Bible (6)

28 Carry an animal (4)

30 Be bored as “Over There!” is played on the radio (4)


ACROSS 1 B(LOGOS)P + HERE 7 W + RAPS (rev.) 8 GAU(ZINE)SS 10 anag. 11 anag. 12 anag. (&lit.) 14 rev. 17 “rude” 18 anag. 20 ACA(PUL[l])C + O 22 anag. 24 E.G. + G + P(L)ANTS 25 CAK(E)S (sack anag.) 26 LITTER + ATE + UR

DOWN 1 BRA + IN CASE 2 OB(SOLE)TE (to be anag.) 3 hidden 4 anag. 5 EDICT (anag.) + S 6 alternate letters 7 “whether, vain” 9 S(H)ARONG-LESS 13 letter bank 15 “main raker” Spoonerism 16 anag. 19 SUB + LET 21 anag. 23 AS + IA

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