Puzzle No. 3305

Puzzle No. 3305

And don’t miss Kosman and Picciotto’s crossword blog, Word Salad.


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And don’t miss Kosman and Picciotto’s crossword blog, Word Salad.


 1 Broach ideas involving rebuke (5)

 4 Pointed comments about kerfuffle in The Nation (8)

 9 Astonishingly clear: no American is likely to steal (9)

10 Most of the second hot drink (5)

11 In 7/8, music to a jockey’s ears? (5)

12 Singer with a pop record initially in Mexico—and how! (5,4)

13Glee salons rocking Western city (3,7)

15 Dispatch Senate Democrat… (4)

17 …in the direction of university, not surprisingly (4)

19 Energize hairdo in time for tea (10)

22 Two traditional toys are nearly maximum price (3,6)

24 Start dinner late with stimulant (5)

25 Went swiftly, setting wheels in reverse ahead of vanden Heuvel (5)

26 Blend of numeric writing from the ancient world (9)

27 Hitchcock’s company lost 500 outside (8)

28 Amber, e.g., to transgress again? (5)


 1 Suspect piece of corn gathered in an ear (7,7)

 2 Dilapidated hotels stocking peeled fruit (2,5)

 3 Beast disrupted the panel (8)

 4 Bishop converted before the whole of life on Earth (9)

 5 Oddly, rail’s near part of a staircase (5)

 6 Back streets: everything there is? Unfortunately, yes (6)

 7 Go in (taking the opposite in reverse order) to obtain result (7)

 8 Burglar penning a literary sequel? (6-5,3)

14 Artificial language repeats “no” in a different way (9)

16 Casino employee with a more persistent cough (8)

18 Warm drops, red and meant for use on the skin (7)

20 Opium is treacherous and unholy (7)

21 Senior under 100 is not so hot (6)

23 Liberal-sounding misses (5)


ACROSS 5 PER(SU + AS I)ON (us rev.) 7 P + ARK 10 “pried” 11 MAN’S FIELD 12 NE(CKLI)NE (lick anag.) 14 R + ANKLE 17 SEN(SIB)ILITY 20 anag. 21 [s]LAUGHTER 22 PRE (anag.) + JU(D)ICE 25 SENSE[i] 26 EM + MA (rev.) 27 anag.

DOWN 1 BRA(INCAS)ES (saber anag.) 2 R + USE 3 2 defs. 4 init. letters 5 P.I. + PING 6 SEM[i] + ANTIC 8 K(IDN)EY (din anag.) 9 EFF + ACING 13 LINO(LE)UM (Moulin anag.) 15 Potter + inky anag. 16 MI(LANE)SE (semi anag.) 18 P + EOPLE (anag.) 19 [st]URGEON 23 hidden 24 I(M)AX 25 rev.

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