Puzzle No. 3285

Puzzle No. 3285

And don’t miss Kosman and Picciotto’s crossword blog, Word Salad.


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And don’t miss Kosman and Picciotto’s crossword blog, Word Salad.


 1 Composer to play jazz in West African nation with Englishman (one who’s extremely attractive) (8,7)

 9 I plus me: perverse desire (7)

10 Drunkard returns and—voila!—Mexican food (7)

11 Herr Rorschach reveals a feature of this clue (5)

12 Send user off with bad customer service, perhaps (8)

14 Consider possible gain in a second shot (8)

16 Korean dictator with Yoko’s robe (6)

19 Shaken, I get in light (6)

20 Beat back and forth with iron, for example (4,4)

22 Figure out what’s wrong with San Diego in turmoil (8)

24 Exchange in front of tree yields plenty (5)

27 Behind in holiday broadcast (7)

28 Turn a crawfish shell for a particular sailor’s sustenance (7)

29 Matter of grave importance for dry-cleaning establishment? (8,7)


 1 Admired sib, potentially?! (10)

 2 Concealed in ultra-Ponzi return without value (2-3)

 3 Take a little off the top of taller heart doctor (9)

 4 Along with you and all of us, I make myself heard for this (3,5)

 5 Happen to risk money on an unfinished thought (6)

 6 Playwright heads off into bar scene every night (5)

 7 Around beginning of October, deceptive Lotto ads mushroom (9)

 8 Afternoon is ______ for Chomsky (4)

13 Fat around the neck is toast? (6,4)

15 Engineer led outing a certain distance from Greenwich (9)

17 Blowing up in notable New York building without resistance (9)

18 Chopped up conifers should be usable in court (8)

21 Coming up some other time with dumpling (6)

23 Leader of gorillas and tailless monkeys looks in amazement (5)

25 Announced ordinary aircraft (5)

26 Walk the dog and cat toward the attic (4)


ACROSS 1 DR + ILL 4 SEAL’S KIN 8 MA’S CAR + A 9 anag.  11 OKLAHO (anag.) + MAN  12 rev. 13 3 defs. 14 AV + ANT + GARDE (anag.) 17 pun 19 hidden  22 [d]OWN + UP 23 PRE-SERVER  24 KITSC (anag.) + H + Y 25 ANDIR (anag.) + ON 26 DE(CLAR)ED (Carl anag.) 27 WEE + P.S. 

DOWN 1 2 defs. 2 anag. 3 LO + AT + HE 4 pun 5 hidden 6 “sign-ology”  7 INTEGE (anag.) + R 10 CARP + ENT(E)RANTS 15 letter bank  16 TROP I (rev.) + CAL[l] 18 anag.  20 IN VERSE 21 ME(AD)OW  23 P[l]AYER

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