Puzzle No. 3243

Puzzle No. 3243

Don’t miss Kosman and Picciotto’s crossword blog, Word Salad.


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And don’t miss Kosman and Picciotto’s crossword blog, Word Salad.
 1 Scientist who is reportedly an authority on the expiration dates of consumer products? (4,9)
 9 Trained spaniel for Tenzing Norgay et al. (7)
10 Slowpoke to pull young woman back (7)
11 Incomplete, no nude is offensive (6)
12 Herb stows mangled tree in poor quarters aboard ship (8)
14 Try starting late—that’s more than sufficient (5)
16 Early Italian’s genuine back-to-front examination (8)
18 Prohibit support for Pete Seeger, e.g. (8)
20 Not very bright time to interrupt spouse (5)
21 Reading group’s bad luck: being held hostage by an idiot (4,4)
22 Announce someone leaving English city (6)
25 Upon reflection, attaches favorite excerpt (7)
26 Musicians, perhaps from Dire Straits (7)
27 Hester Prynne’s nacre (6-2-5)
 1 Reinterpret Jung, probing one source of heat in a marriage (8)
 2 Fat lip: one delivered on the face (5)
 3 College degree and clean representation—that’s money in the bank (7)
 4 Eject American in overtime (4)
 5 Wipe out, having basic knowledge of childbirth (10)
 6 Entrance French painter with onset of surrealism (7)
 7 Use force to separate drink, criticism and creative activity (4,5)
 8 Border inside reunited Germany (4)
13 When mentioning the Nutmeg State, don’t pronounce the first syllable and DON’T SHOUT LIKE THIS, for instance (10)
15 Limps to an unusually classical view of the world (9)
17 Knight quietly mounting to get involved in concrete act of vengeance (8)
19 Prize cheese casserole (7)
20 On Wall Street, option 9: I’m rising to fight (3,2,2)
21 Has-been’s half-crazy party (4)
23 Surreptitiously steal electric car (5)
24 I back the man who plays Othello (4)

ACROSS 1 WA + R + RIO + R 5 F + INCHES 9 EX(PO)S (sex anag.) 10 LEMON + DROP 11 PUN + K + ROCK 12 BE(S)TIR (Tiber anag.) 14 S + ODA (rev.) 15 TE(L)E + SCOPE (Pecos anag.) 17 NIE(LS BO)HR (lobs anag., Rhine anag.) 19 NE(A)T 22 GO(AW)A + Y 23 A + SWAN + DAM 26 anag. 27 ST(A)T.E. 28 E(URA[l] + SI)A (is rev., &lit.) 29 COW + PEA + S (ape anag.)
DOWN 1 W + HELP 2 anag. 3 INSER + T (resin anag.) 4 anag. 5 hidden 6 NO(NSEN)SE (Enns anag.) 7 HO RATIO 8 anag. 13 anag. 14 anag. 16 E + SCAP + EES (rev.) 18 ETA(I)LER (rev.) 20 anag. 21 WAR + SAW 24 M([f]EET)S 25 [pl]ATTE (rev.)

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