Puzzle No. 3230

Puzzle No. 3230

And check out Kosman and Picciotto’s new crossword blog, Word Salad.


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And don’t miss Kosman and Picciotto’s new crossword blog, Word Salad.
 1 Center-left part of 30, amazingly, reveals a spy (6,5)
 9 Language was translated by Philip, naked (7)
10 Slyly rig vote to produce an illusion of motion (7)
11 Expert’s place of exile to the west (4)
12 Organizing coups is in doubt (9)
15 Wise man catches a web-crawler in disruptive act (8)
16 Disgraced memoirist outlines New Zealand craze (6)
19 Lunatic restrained by tipsy choirboy (6)
20 Rescue gear originally extricated snake caught in elevator (8)
23 Infamous doctor is on tour around second of November (9)
25 See 5
27 Matriarch’s ancient musical instrument: celesta, superficially (7)
29 Crib, restricting access initially for supervisor (7)
30 Common source of terror: fiend’s severed head in area to the audience’s left (5,6)
 1 Groom a youngster unlikely to go postal (6,3)
 2 Company in the money (4)
 3 I got involved in sexting, unfortunately—this suggests a way out (4,4)
 4 Give counsel about five cockamamie ideas (6)
 5 and 25 Part of winter caps an uproar concerning corn? (7)
 6 Singer Lopez in Caribbean island without father (5)
 7 Piece of onyx marks awards given to some movies (though only one of the ten shown here) (6)
 8 Questionable money supports Republican presidential candidate (6)
13The Nation is covering exalted legendary monarch (6)
14 One who works with acid extracted from sweet cherries (6)
17 Darkness engulfs Libya’s capital after many years—this could vanquish it? (4,5)
18 Following successes, bard drops front and becomes comparatively charming (8)
19 Where they store food, or where they make trousers? (6)
21 Shrinks at first treat onset of rage in apes (6)
22 Put on, then put away, gift (6)
24 Getting high, touch end of brass instruments (5)
26 Comfortable, with arms up (4)
28 Oddly, China could be employer for 1 across (3)
ACROSS 1 [now]H[ere] 9 TEA(CAR)T 10 DRI(ESU)P (use rev.) 11 P(LENT + E)OUS (soup anag.) 12 T(R)EES 13 [b]OLD + G(L)ORY 15 “faints” 18 FOR-EST 20 KIN + SHASA (Sasha anag.) 23 anag. 24 REAR RANGE 26 LE(AGUE)S 27 [f/T]-IGHTER 28 STEP(HEN)SON + D(HE)IM

DOWN 1 MO(TH[in])P + ROOF 2 DE + A(DE)ND 3 hidden 4 OUTDO + OR + S 5 NU(DIS)T 6 anag. 7 E + ASTERN 8 EXPOS[e] 14 LAST + LA + UGH 16 S NA REDRUM (rev.) 17 anag. 19 anag. 21 AN(NET)TE 22 P + RISON (no sir rev.) 23 2 defs. 25 RIG ID


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