Puzzle No. 3229

Puzzle No. 3229

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 1 H in an isolated location (6,2,7)
 9 Milk producer adopts vehicle—it might roll by around 4:00 (3,4)
10 Embracing contrary practice, dullard runs out (5,2)
11 Provided piece of eggplant as ingredient for soup, stirred in ample quantity (9)
12 Peg’s clutching part of rug—what might prevent you from seeing 18 (5)
13 In bishop’s absence, fearless legionnaire’s head is wrapped in bloodstained flag (3,5)
15 By the sound of it, passes out tricks (6)
18 Wood that’s most in favor? (6)
20 Family spoiled Sasha in nation’s capital (8)
23 Repair a slab at the foundation (5)
24 Change the configuration of back burner? (9)
26 Associations with the French contracting disease (7)
27 Boxer, switching truth value, gets more drunk (7)
28 Composer with spouse’s child eating chicken—he is in shadowy surroundings (7,8)
 1 Swab around half of thin housetop made of cedar, perhaps (9)
 2 Delaware and outside of Delaware—that doesn’t go anywhere (4,3)
 3 Minimum ale a stein can hold (5)
 4 Best (or sunniest, at first) setting for a picnic (8)
 5 Insult pierces fanatic person who scorns any cover-up? (6)
 6 She twirls exotically in some American paintings (9)
 7 Expedition’s leader in back of the boat, facing sunrise (7)
 8 Former team’s unfinished revelation (5)
14 Endure Los Angeles with expression of disgust—that’s what winners get (4,5)
16 Execute one curve in reverse, as part of the marching band (5,4)
17 Herb crashed into Carl (8)
19 Convert or alter a sphere (7)
21 Bening’s stake holding trap (7)
22 Quiet GI’s negative response: “Back in the brig” (6)
23 Clinton’s notes (5)
25 Strict truck driver’s license? (5)


ACROSS 1 2 defs. 8 2 defs. 9 POE TASTER 10 TIP + PECAN + O[bscur]E 11 THIN[g] 12 S(ID)ING 13 PI(M + I.E.)NTO 16 ABSE + NTEE (base anag., teen anag.) 18 anag. 21 pun 22 FIL(I BUS)TER 24 READ + YM + AD + [th]E (my rev.) 25 NON-O’S 26 PRO-LIFE RATE

DOWN 1 [e]QUIPPED 2 A(GAME + M)NON 3 TO + PHAT 4 R + HE + TORIC 5 A DAM (ur-gent) 6 K(ITCH)EN 7 anag. 8 SAT + IS + FACTORY 14 IN(FLUE)NZ + A 15 TER(I YAK)I 17 S(UN + L)AMP (spam anag.) 19 IN TENS + E 20 R(I + BE)YE 23 hidden

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