Puzzle No. 3208

Puzzle No. 3208


 1 Shake fist at first, then rewrite paper (6)
 4 Key’s edges fit in small opening in ceiling (8)
10 Feeble guess about a takeoff: “Around ten, behind schedule” (9)
11 Rocker Warren in free zone, taking five (5)
12 Rearrange iron and lumber first, for example (7,6)
14 Game boxes lacking tiles, originally (5)
16 Find one Siamese capturing island nation (9)
18 Floods, e.g., in Divine Comedy routines (4,2,3)
20 Remarked about taste of pomegranate: “Flavorful!” (5)
22 Electric implement sounds like a former part of a thriller soundtrack (9,4)
26 Japanese food principally swept America along with Hawaii (5)
27 Exactly where you wear a pince-nez (2,3,4)
28 Deviously obtains records about a horse (8)
29 Mercenary embraces beginning of Rite of Spring (6)
 1 Ali’s extremities, making a weak foundation (4,2,4)
 2 She didn’t want to lose the thread of a song with reversed coda (7)
 3 Parking illegal (only with traffic cone) (5)
 5 African antelope swallowing Zulu’s vine (5)
 6 Idler is confused by zeal, son (9)
 7 Rules of gravity over the poles (7)
 8 High-class award (4)
 9 Obsessive pursuit of satisfactory speech (8)
13 Pedalled madly around D.C., a place for lunatics (6,4)
15 Ironing small, low object (9)
17 Sad, staid, upset and provocative artists (8)
19 Start of the motivation for betrayal (7)
21 One like them, advocating the abolition of a world body? (7)
23 Loop turning east in the near future (5)
24 Annie celebrates hosting a relative (5)
25 A loud Spanish “yes” within? Yeah, right (2,2)
ACROSS 1 BUFF + A + LOWINGS 10 anag. 11 OR + AT + OR 12 rev. hidden 14 2 defs. 17 & 23D “innocence” 19 [b]LOND ON B + ROIL 22 HO(THOU)SE 24 & 18 MI + NUET + IN C (tune anag.) 27 “sin, sin, natty, chilly” 28 anag.

DOWN 2 “you’ve, you’ll, uh” 3 F(ISH) OIL (his anag.) 4 init. letters, & lit.
5 WAS + T[here]E 6 N(ERVO)US (sun rev., over anag.) 7 anag. 8 A BLOOM 9 AS + THMA (math anag.) 13 S + CAN 15 NICO + TINED (coin anag.) 16 A + V(O)W 18 I(THAC)A (chat anag.) 19 “lay ocean” 20 BRIO + CHE 21 anag. 25 U TILE 26 palindrome

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