1  and 11 Fools around with noises that the watch makes. Piffle! (12)

5  Found at what 1 across have to be, to be good players, being brought into a sympathetic relationship. (7)

9  Those who walk around rather aimlessly? Eric is a good example of them. (7)

10  Reassembled, thus let go back and forth. (7)

11  See 1

12  and 26 Make a mistake, also go on one as a chore of sorts. (7)

13  Puts some worms to a useful purpose–little pieces around a word here. (5)

14  Having a crown on top, when a number took it easy. (7)

16  The medic has a garden tool, or a bigger tool for scooping. (7)

18  See 17 down

21  Red iron plied, it’s how things are straightened out. (2,5)

24  Just the opposite of 21 across, like a young lady. (5)

26  See 12

27  Lava I mix to be of some use. (5)

28  Free in the camping spot–the gladiator found one handy. (7)

29  A fast way to go to heaven–like the old Red leader. (7)

30  Not a part-time soldier as a usual example. (7)

31  Evidently the writer (Sir Henry) looks all done in. (7)


1  Frenzied like a French caper! (7)

2  A real no-brainer, and the girl coming out with a lace arrangement shows it. (7)

3  Broken lines involve legal claims. (5)

4  Our country has to get rid of money around it, one way to hold things up. (7)

5  A stupid fellow, sort of rude, as you can be certain. (7)

6  Sometimes those in need of a lift use this. (5)

7  The absence of anything like night on such, possibly. (7)

8  A piece of furniture many an actor needs. (7)

15  The ship’s deserter comes up with an old sailor. (3)

17  and 18 across With a “me first” attitude? (10)

18  A lot of racket, with a large number over the second part. (7)

19  What the cop is doing by catching a criminal–though the carpenter might be doing it, too! (7)

20  Part of the book is likely to get expensive in Paris around it. (7)

21  A spot of trouble when you’re this way–but that’s the way Rembrandt spoke! (2,5)

22  You won’t get any water lower than this. (4,3)

23  Passed on in the race. (You hear eggs can’t be!) (7)

25  One of the things you can do with a bee, for a time. (5)

27  A wild mango in the midst of things. (5)