Puzzle No. 3180

Puzzle No. 3180


 1 and 4 It may keep you from getting involved with something personal. (5,9)



1  and 4 It may keep you from getting involved with something personal. (5,9)

9  In Castro, you’ll find one who often says, “I don’t believe it! (7)

10  A hassle in the plant? (7)

11  A cad cant! (4)

12  What’s the point to sherry, for example, for a bunch of porkers! (5)

13  and 26 Does one of the teams sort of sway with it, looking at it from one direction? (4-4)

16  This and son, and a mountain in Alaska, good for sand, which is bad! (7)

17  To us it might be a bridge, but to the Brit it’s a wrench. (7)

19  It may be what you give the baby, with a sort of loaf around a mixed drink. (7)

22  Really mad, as they say–but you can’t put a foot down when doing it. (7)

24  and 25 Slews with this–but you possibly don’t eat them. (4-5)

26  See 13

29  A direction to what belongs to you and me–or his, sort of? It’s a way to keep you going! (7)

30  Rebuilt a drum, i.e.–and often made a pretty picture. (7)

31  Sure! A sort of dry tea will make it! But not today! (9)

32  The Captain of the Pinafore never did, as you might testify! (5)


1  and 24 The dreams you have of soaring high? (7,2,5)

2  This, men, on a dead man’s chest makes a five-spot surround three in the yard, sort of. (7)

3  Try not to be seen with bare skin showing! (4)

4  Everything? Nothing! Hitched, as will be permitted. (7)

5  A gofer goes on them–and makes a mistake about it. (7)

6  How you might name things around a splash of painting. (4)

7  Little Virginia is enveloped in rising noise–but it’s a way of ducking! (7)

8  Possibly a belt at the place where you eat. (5)

14  A little extra, which is good in Paris to you and me. (5)

15  Gripes a bit, owing to a bad scrap. (5)

18  A rare sort around the main point, right! But one is keeping records. (9)

20  Saves legal things, and sticks on a table that sounds like water. (7)

21  Where you are sleeping around what’s left of the fire? No wonder you’re embarrassed! (7)

 22  Oh, lady, I might be all mixed-up, but this is not the time to work! (7)

23  I lead those wise men in one direction, as you can guess. (7)

24  See 1

27  Gain a point with rosé, for example. (4)

28  They say you beat them in an argument! (4)

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