1  see 10

4  Could be someone like Noah, but the inventor of a 12 had a different handle. (9)

9  The heart of things, but Uncle is wrong to go to the country. (7)

10  and 1 Fools around with “Fatha.” (Such are pretty tricky!) (12)

11  You at first take to drink in school. (4)

12  The female of certain species, but it’s just a sail for the tar. (5)

13  Quiet, Myrna! It’s only a stratagem! (4)

16  Look after things, hearing that one is on another continent. (7)

17  Worn in some places in the East–with a right to have words and music around. (7)

19  A thirty-six-inch weapon? No, it’s only part of a square sail. (7)

22  Indulging in scathing parody, Critias gets all mixed up. (7)

24  The sort of mush that says what the singer does if she can’t recall the words! (4)

25  and 3 down A “meat and potatoes”-plus dish? You might stand Pat for it. (5,4)

26  Some say things will come out in it. Shaw might be responsible for a sort of this! (4)

29  What’s found on top with transportation in Chicago? It may be essential to the operation! (7)

30  A pilot article by way of a high spot. (7)

31  Evidently the top officer, in short, gives an evaluation–but one damns the result! (9)

32  A bridge expert may be right, but has gone wrong about it! (5)


1  A big block of something goes to your head, on the little boat–which is fine! (5-4)

2  The enclosed part of a plane can bring it up, with how you term a young lady in Paris. (7)

3  see 25 across

4  The USA is wrong when a tree is chopped to pieces by it, which is very plain! (7)

5  They provide a certain amount of cover in Japan, with a Kipling character soon troubled by it. (7)

6  Where some people fight to see what might be on your finger. (4)

7  If this is in the works, you’ll do badly in the Graduate Record Exam–get 1,000 to zero coming on up… (7)

8  …and at coming up on a pigpen, you could still consider this very palatable. (5)

14  A graceful swimmer found in an unusual backup of water overseas. (5)

15  After war breaks out, most of the answer is complete rage! (5)

18  Five hundred times as sweet as sugar! (9)

20  The way you might exit a highway takes time to really get your dander up! (7)

21  A real meddler, to cause damage to an area of land. (7)

22  What goes around the middle, perhaps, to say incorrectly how one makes certain dance steps. (7)

23  A genuine high spot offered by the land salesman. (7)

24  Said to cause a certain amount of waste. (5)

27  What the young vocal artist does these days is brought up here–but one might do it in the ring. (4)

28  It could be a bit of noise from your engine, but “pong” makes it game! (4)