1  Perhaps the people who work for you–material workers, with stripes to show for it. (5,9)

9  The cop when not on duty still shows up the pre-hippie type. (3-4)

10  Will eating it make you indolent and self-indulgent? It makes Leo numb. (7)

11  Brewed broths–described by more than one end of 9. (6)

12  Quietly hurried, yet laid back for meals and such. (8)

14  Cuts the lass–she is disturbed by it! (7)

15  The short periodical is about to go–like one of the survivors of a race of giants. (5)

17  Famous–but not little Edward. (5)

19  What the plump lady perhaps does to the dress, or the man to the cat. (4,3)

21  They supposedly homeward fly, but a person sometimes does to his pride. (8)

23  Is this what makes an angry snake bite? One might hope so. (6)

25  One sees part of him past operating a paintbrush to achieve it. (7)

26  Frantic, a robin gets one in the capital. (7)

27  Casing the landscape–again, fool? No, I remove “h” from the circle. (14)


1  and 21 If a storm pans out this way on the boat, we expect it to be good with the athletic types. (13)

2  Has enough money to pay for the little notices, very loud otherwise, inside. (7)

3  The distance between the water and the deck–but the meals are provided gratis! (9)

4  Food of the east prepared here? (4)

5  Showing unselfishness, crazy Yogi enters. (10)

6  Everybody covered, but awful tired! (3,2)

7  Packing by light strokes, and recording things around the morning. (7)

8  and 16 Thinking rather dreamily of a collection of yarns. (4-9)

13  Right from the horse’s mouth, an article buried deep. (3,3-4)

15  What the revenuers sought at one time, but only at night? (9)

16  See 8

18  Hobo with the Paris-style put under-foot. (7)

20  A place where you get to stumble on oil production? (7)

21  See 1

22  The little girl in kilts has nothing to catch cows with! (5)

24  Atlantic hideout for one in opposition. (4)