Puzzle No. 3148

Puzzle No. 3148


1An athlete–or a DJ–might, but don’t let go the minutes! (4,3,6)



1 An athlete–or a DJ–might, but don’t let go the minutes! (4,3,6)

10 Apply your headgear again, or just tell it all another time? (5)

11 Proving oral vying is a bad way to create a grand conceit! (9)

12 Doing this with Dixie is fiddling around with a slight win, perhaps. (9)

13 Obviously, what one does alone to a point–a wise and experienced one. (5)

14 You and I might be if we argue over these answers, but the symbol of the brand goes to Pa’s partner if the chits are bad! (12)

19 Is it an instrument of morality or merely less than a grand, as they say? (7,5)

22 The support is not out of what the scarecrow lacked! (5)

24 Sounds like a small underground city creature, but it keeps to the beat! (9)

25 The remainder before the train wreck shows a bit of control. (9)

26 Is a little state getting a negative answer in France, or is it just a significant collection? (5)

27 Implying your worst is downhill–or up? This is a person’s all! (4,5,4)


2 A flower has unusual shapes alternatively, a number disappeared. (6)

3 A choppy pond and a lame thigh combined to make two sound like one on your tongue. (9)

4 You might do this with an appendix or with an enemy. (4,2,3)

5 If you ruin game, obviously, you’ll be feeling remorse. (5)

6 Gets something for nothing but loses 500 to get pens. (5)

7 If this, do you cheer not quite as often or are you more like a rolling stone? (8)

8 One might be all this and no 22, but, nota bene, it’s about a large conflict, all rising. (5)

9 My angst is disturbed about the very flexible. (7)

15 Ancient intellectual, realist, too, possibly, taking nothing away. (9)

16 Sounds like a good-looking mode of transportation, but it’s an old set of wheels for hire. (6,3)

17 Anesthetics or symbols of quantity? (7)

18 Friend of Crick, or Holmes? (2,6)

20 Jumps around the queen to become cads and rotters! (6)

21 This way to the end! (5)

23 Neither short manuscript meets standards of regularity. (5)

24 Pretty corny! (5)

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