Puzzle No. 3139

Puzzle No. 3139

ACROSS 1 Nasty little kids, with one who tears inside out, and takes potshots. (12)



1  Nasty little kids, with one who tears inside out, and takes potshots. (12)

 10  What you are if they said you did wrong. (7)

 11  Jocular, with what goes with a wig on the old movie star. (7)

 12  Dropsy, to a point made wrong. (5)

 13  When you hit it in the plane, you might hit the ceiling if your seat belt isn’t on! (3,6)

 14  A fool, backward in North Carolina, briefly comes to a mystical utterance with the inside information. (10)

16  Nothing to write about which is not closed. (4)

 18  What’s the point to the ref being like, well, with water. (4)

 20  A well-known movie they used to go by. (10)

 23 “George Gordon”–by Reagan. (4,5)

 25  Hoarded by Squirrel and Moose? No, but a close relative. (5)

 26  Fixes things up in concrete. (7)

 27  One of the first things a school kid had to confront. (7)

 28  Athenian dramatist whose uncertain airs went on top of Shane, also uncertain. (12)


2  Relative article, called out by lepers. (7)

3  One with a will, obviously, and an examination at a high point. (8)

4  The kind of treatment big shots might expect. (3,6)

5  Not so old if one were holding it. (5)

6  One from the pen takes a long time to get the bird. (6)

7  What you do with decals is pure robbery! (5-2)

8  Find the proper spot–but a stand-in might. (4,4,5)

9  Just a wild guess, but you can’t see who fired it. (4,2,3,4)

15  One seated on the bench has to pull it out to make music, but it’s not from the bottom of your heart! (5,4)

17  Matches a mixed-up plan’s outlines. (8)

19  Pa’s partner is on the edge, to a degree, but it might be played well. (7)

21  She was changed into a spider for her presumption as a weaver. (7)

22  It might be a turn to have a bash on one–one from Africa. (6)

24  Uprooted trees to plant again. (5)

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