1  Like a couple of times with the spy group Little Edward? Tied in this way! (10)

6  Makes out, but 13 at first. (4)

10  They might be found blowing in the winds. (7)

11  Like the three blind mice, when Mrs. Farmer caught up with them. (7)

12  This represents nothing. (4)

13  Very fair in the trial, with extra care. (4,2,4)

15  It comes back to pass on a little way–which is neat to the nth! (7)

16  Ain’t saying a thing! (Seafood to have a little meal!) (5,2)

17  A tender skin eventually shows up the writer. (7)

20  The wrong name is wrong with a forgetful condition. (7)

22  Scrub it! (10)

23  A writing due to Mame, otherwise? (4)

25  Place where there’s a point to the tune, with a sash on… (7)

26  …and a place much farther north where the tune is mixed onto the surroundings. (7)

27  Describing an arching bridge, which is not very polite. (4)

28  Once said to be the head of 13 with 1 down. (10)


1  Possibly the location of a side street, with a serving of drinks on the seasoner. (6,3,6)

2  Made a face, because Bossy gets to go downhill around it. (7)

3  Johnny might be kept in the register. (4)

4  Attack like Ste. Marie? (7)

5  The last ice cream shows what is stretchable. (7)

7  The little type is taking a snooze. (Takes a child too, possibly.) (7)

8  Showing what the ego is all about? (You need no more info, if so.) (4-11)

9  The ocean has a sort of satin finish, as one insists. (9)

14  The press and radio turn into what the arbitrator should excel in. (9)

18  Came forth with a point associated with it. (Sort of dies round every bit!) (7)

19  Appearing before anything else, noble, but with an outburst of ire. (7)

20  They reputedly have a louder voice than your speech implies. (The first part of the play has no upbringing, to a point.) (7)

21  One of a Far East warrior group, like our uncle at the old city, first-class! (7)

24  The place for pigs has a point, but you wouldn’t want it in your eye! (4)