Puzzle No. 260

Puzzle No. 260

This puzzle originally appeared in the May 1, 1948, issue.

 1 Mathematicians tables. (8)
 5 All wrapped up in the Post. (6)
10 One needs a glass to do it. (5)
11 Hammett’s Charles was. (9)
12 At this, one might strike a note to cheer one up. (7)
13 Does a rooster part with this? (7)
14 Where a dome was decreed. (6)
15 This is also finished in Mass. (7)
18 Sideways, as a neck. (7)
21 Makes a friend attempt something picayunish. (6)
24 Standard operating procedure when taken with an emulsion. (7)
26 Where one returns to, after a cigarette. (7)
27 The sort is sorted here. (9)
28 Usually not 16. (5)
29 Continue a recapitulation. (6)
30 Why should the seed cost be petted this way? (8)
 1 A small company to measure coin. (6)
 2 Johnny Reb’s counterpart? (5,4)
 3 Swell stuff for a pudding. (7)
 4 Our dean has a number of lines. (7)
 6 Texas was, in 1845. (7)
 7 Relief came to nothing here. (5)
 8 Hen? (8)
 9 A hundred, a hundred and one, a tree. (6)
16 Extremely blond, and fired at 28? (4,5)
17 Bill made with the feet from here each month. (3,5)
19 It’s patent that this goes with a mare. (7)
20 So pale in the South. (2,4)
21 He did more than play with blocks, somewhat abstractly. (7)
22 Filaments, if removed. (7)
23 Was Texas also this in 1845? (6)
25 Loses a deposit. (5)

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