Puzzle No. 1629

Puzzle No. 1629

From the April 24, 1976, issue.

From the April 24, 1976, issue.
 1 and 5 Exponent of a guidance system that is necessarily inapplicable to solo flight. (4-4,6)
10 One in the leading role might help you rise. (5)
11 Is such a manner equally hard to come by? (4-5)
12 This should brand a movie absolutely worthless—the old silents would have none of it! (7)
13 Makes a mistake about a seastorm, but they could make correction possible. (7)
14 and 15 Perhaps what the conscientious gardener does might be used when there are too many minerals. (5,8)
18 What an architect sometimes does to a 10? (7)
21 When a good man takes a bow, this might make things a little stiff. (6)
24 Is this how some describe our times, what with birth-control, headaches, bennies and obvious misappropriation? (7)
26 E.g., mules and mixed vegetables. (7)
27 It is clear it’s metamorphosed and true to nature. (9)
28 Bound to give or receive allegiance in Belgium. (5)
29 Ran amok with a word of agreement about wants, if bad enough. (6)
30 Miller’s river ebbs, showing there’s money in what graduates hope to be. (8)
 1 and 17 Early dumping of foreign products by those with brave pretensions. (6,3-5)
 2 An old sight-seeing bus almost takes a chance about a horse, perhaps. (9)
 3 and 19 Not a military post, though tanks are taken care of here. (7,7)
 4 Even gas is dispensed here, and gets even the result. (7)
 6 Ruling wrath mounts with the second part of the Bible. (7)
 7 There’s nothing in evil but the tenor of it, perhaps. (5)
 8 Where lists are held, possibly. (The beginning of 6 is to attempt it.) (8)
 9 So up we go—to town, possibly! (6)
16 Sounds like know-how in France? You don’t say so! (2,7)
17 See 1 down
20 She has a wrong set of papers, possibly. (6)
21 Films might be made to show how some are wed. (7)
22 Change licenses, and you have what might be like a backer. (7)
23 Letters to send not very far from 28. (6)
25 Comes up with something at your fingertips, but it’s a plant. (5)

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