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May 9, 2011 Issue

Cover art by: Cover illustration by Mirko Ilic, design by Milton Glaser Incorporated


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  • Editorial

    The People’s Budget

    The Congressional Progressive Caucus’s “People's Budget” has been widely ignored. That’s too bad, because the right solutions to our budget crisis are in there.

    the Editors

  • Policing Pregnancy

    As abortion rights are eroded and fetuses are endowed with personhood, women are ending up in jail.

    Michelle Goldberg

  • Noted.

    What's the best protest song you know? Plus, George Zornick on the lack of safety regulation for offshore drilling, one year after the BP spill.

    Various Contributors

  • Teachers Aren’t the Enemy

    The true problems facing public education are inequality and opportunity gaps.

    Pedro Noguera and Michelle Fine
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