Puzzle No. 1628

Puzzle No. 1628

From the April 17, 1976, issue. Voting has closed for Frank Lewis’s replacement. Winner TBA.

From the April 17, 1976, issue. Voting has closed for Frank Lewis’s replacement. Winner TBA.
 1 You and I, by the girl’s fabric remnant, might predict 17. (7,6)
10 A pinch of tea, by the sound of it, not strong. (5)
11 An uncommonly great help in communications! (9)
12 Where they used to put apples in casks? (9)
13 Girl from the country running from pole to pole. (5)
14 Possibly rash treatment for the very young. (6,6)
19 and 27 Regardless of how the summer was spent, the next few months were exceedingly pleasant, though the subject remained apart. (6-6,3,1,5,4)
22 Some pronounce it to be the poorest possible filler for a sandwich. (5)
24 Intrinsically, always inside, but keep trying! (9)
25 Oriental symbol possibly associated with New Orleans of song. (6,3)
26 Longfellow said “Sail on, O” to it. (5)
27 See 19 across
 2 Come out of liquid, perhaps, in a Bessemer-generated process. (6)
 3 If you want the best celery, don’t be discouraged! (4,5)
 4 Might be shifted from center and carried away. (9)
 5 Possibly lists, in more than one way. (5)
 6 Summons, perhaps, in the book. (5)
 7 By the way, you might be located here. (8)
 8 With the urge to be benefited by such as 14? (5)
 9 Polish experts? By tradition, what could turn out to be a favorite course has application here. (7)
15 Is the Roman made to be confused by it? (They should help to straighten him out!) (9)
16 Some useless buttons might be found, and not paid for. (2,3,4)
17 Do they also tell at kindergarten? (7)
18 Bee-bread. (8)
20 Your humble servant, once? (6)
21 Purposes of wealth? (5)
23 Got an alternative answer? Friendly association with it, possibly. (5)
24 The artist’s subject might be a difficult one. (5)

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