1 Not the sort of place to which some dissidents have been sent for “treatment,” but they might look for it. (9,6)
 9 Old political supporters might, but not directly. (9)
10 Ruined some of the ground I dug? (5)
11 Somehow the rent is put in here. (6)
12 Certainly not amateurish examinations, as people who make them might demonstrate… (8)
14 …and these might be pictured in the rosters of those who are paid for their effort. (8)
16 To call up is certainly all right, if it’s in the late afternoon. (5)
17 Eleven doesn’t have the right beginning to be treated as an 11. (5)
18 Essential being in a king or queen, for example, given a loving touch. (8)
20 An old-fashioned way to stop a case being confused in certain surroundings. (8)
21 A jumping Jack was told to be. (6)
24 Here in France it’s literally bad for coating, perhaps. (5)
25 Such would not imply a healthy selection, when one’s chill and upset. (3-6)
26 At Blackjack, deal another card with nine or ten to cover the main points. (3,3,4,5)
  1 Such an address should imply a sound system for a lot of people. (6)
 2 Are they used to secure lots of hair? (5)
 3 Powerful barge mule, or whatever might be depended on. (5,2,8)
 4 Make better salt, perhaps. (4)
 5 Not the first thing to visit at the seaside, as a desperate measure. (4,6)
 6 Evidently not acquired by standing up for what you feel is due you. (9,6)
 7 The attractive part of classical Odes to Nero. (9)
 8 Times do change! (One who might make a habit of it?) (7)
13 As a forger, not so common nowadays. (10)
15 Holding back one form of transportation in the remainder? (9)
17 English town suggesting the cockney joint has the sound of change. (7)
19 Where love is found even in court proceedings. (6)
22 People who went to college, thus the deepest type! (5)
23 Strike lead, possibly… in the garden? (4)
From the March 20, 1976, issue. Be sure to vote in our contest to pick the new Nation puzzle­meister!