1 Evidently one can’t find fault with such a bar, but some object to its being broken too close. (5,7)
10 Spears, pieces of which are about right. (7)
11 Happened to go overseas for festive drinking? (7)
12 A little over 50, and strangely, still a girl! (5)
13 Devotes a number of days throwing dice inside. (9)
14 Possibly watch the finish line, though it might be dropped on official welcome. (6,4)
16 From the air, a quiet country. (4)
18 Carried away and tied up, by the sound of it. (4)
20 How to make pottery react to art design. (5,5)
23 The natural product wrought to different shape. (9)
25 See 4 down
26 Interception of light by some body. (7)
27 Wants more in this condition. (7)
28 The days of long ago might be remembered by year’s end. (4,4,4)
 2 Pertaining to the main disturbance CIA once caused. (7)
 3 Winks at 6 to make it. (8)
 4 and 25 across The first decimal number might be immaterial. (6,3,5)
 5 Made a big fuss and pulled the blade, perhaps. (5)
 6 A party in a church might be for a very small animal. (6)
 7 It might make a bird ready, alternatively, to come up to flower. (7)
 8 It could indicate the amount of business a fruiterer does—most likely with a pastry shop. (5,8)
 9 What people who like to live near their work might want to be the scene of in-fighting. (5,8)
15 What the guilty might have to take up at that time, upon building a classic example. (9)
17 They effectively keep the boat dry, though a large number might be taken during meals. (8)
19 What might be served with everything upside-down at the joint? (7)
21 It might be the cost of learning how to make out in it. (7)
22 Your writing is somewhat mechanical? Get the lead out! (6)
24 They imply a dealer sometimes does with part of the car. (5)