1 Teller, rather than ordinary accountant. (10)
 6 and 26 An unspecified person’s comment on Mr. World? (8)
10 One familiarly said to be a dead player. (7)
11 It seems to be about noon, with some possible alterations. (7)
12 and 23 down The volume of its members changes periodically.
14 You might find this dish dear, but the result would be persistent. (8)
15 What is left when one who comes out has the title backwards. (6)
16 One takes his hat off this way when one of the last of the tribe goes soft inside. (6)
18 One shouldn’t miss this broadside. (4,4)
22 Implying the heart of fire we used to say the English lacked. (7,7)
24 Not an express hampering of movement if you are. (7)
25 Take something back about the document. (7)
26  See 6
27 When butchered, sells a deer without a head. (10)
 1 Road out? Rub the wrong way and this oldster could have given you the air. (10)
 2 Reputedly company that could be on course. (7)
 3 One with such would appreciate half fare at most. (4,2,8)
 4 With 3, one might not be by food. (7)
 5 Prepared to fire, with it being commonly drunk. (6)
 7 His hair might be white or red, lost in the shuffle. (7)
 8 When short of funds, they might have no meeting. (4)
 9 Such pictures might try to extol the virtues of application. (6,3,5)
13 Old people got so short-changed! (10)
17 What people believe around the early hours should be smoothed
out. (7)
19 Stuck with the problem of finding her dead? (7)
20 Perform an elemental operation on an animal at one time, possibly. (7)
21 The place of control, reputedly, might be either English or Western. (6)
23 See 12 across