Puzzle No. 1598

Puzzle No. 1598

This puzzle originally appeared in the September 13, 1975, issue.


 1 and 10 Story of a rescue operation which might redound to your credit. (7,7)
 5 See 4 down
 9 It comes from the islands of Langerhans. (7)
10 See 1 across
11 Retreats from an absence of approval? (5)
12 See 17 down
13 Such a popular gentleman is obviously big-hearted. (5)
14 The order is evidently slack at the end of vacation. (4,3)
16 Remnants around can prove standard signs. (7)
18 Supply for the crossword aficionado, presented with some flourish. (7)
21 and 24 Where jumpers are perhaps worn after being pressed. (12)
26 See 17 down
27 Pertaining to an element of a crib. (5)
28 Poorly clued in, or at least put in. (7)
29 These should be of some assistance. (7)
30 What a movie Westerner sometimes doesn’t like, and possibly resents. (7)
31 GI beds were sometimes short this. (7)
 1 and 18 down Future accounts probably made on speculation. (7,7)
 2 Hardly a flowing description! (7)
 3 They don’t stand for anything! (5)
 4 and 5 across What the scrutinizer of 1-10 hopes to make is important to the cyclist. (5,2,7)
 5 You’ll find a number in worse circumstances in pigskin. (7)
 6 A close call might leave you numb, but it might indicate frequent stops. (5)
 7 Non- charged as being possibly non-true. (7)
 8 Likes to have the set seem of a different pattern. (7)
15 See 17 down
17, 12, 15, 22 and 26 After 24 hours, one can’t find fault with it now! (3,3,2,1,7,3)
18 See 1 down
19 Sort of cane sun shades. (7)
20 Evidently the 22-26 of song wasn’t this! (7)
21 They might be responsible for the cut of the grain. (7)
22 See 17 down
23 Typically objective in the finish, but all wrapped up meanwhile. (7)
25 Did the one that got away? (5)
27 You might say it’s swell, but not uniformly. (5)

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