1 and 5 In Tel Aviv, I’ll need an excuse for coexistence. (4,3,3,4)
 9 Packaged candy, perhaps, in Denver and San Francisco? (5)
10 Cuts the shoestring cost? (9)
11 Date stubs that no gourmet should be without. (5,4)
12 On board, working with nails. (5)
13 It might indicate sloppiness, unless the basket is picked up after it. (7)
15 Scored, perhaps, after a fault. (7)
17 Eat too much of ginseng or gelatin. (7)
19 Tires, or just the spokes. (7)
21 The Hugh who started Cape Town? (5)
23 Fruit? A dime change is about enough to get it, but it could be charged… (9)
25 …but it is cents that makes up the proper change for such a knowledgeable type. (9)
26 See 14 down
27 Two ways of explaining a bridge defeat in place. (3,4)
28 Folds one’s tents, obviously. (7)
 1 and 18 down Does it imply control of the press? (One might hope for it to be rare.) (7,7)
 2 and 22 Not a going-away period—though it might help put things in proper perspective. (9,5)
 3 Is, with drink around, responsible for a division in the house of worship. (5)
 4 What they sometimes have to do to the buggy. (7)
 5 Liberty- head, with a troop of scouts—reputedly causing some trouble to the Egyptians once. (7)
 6 It could be sunk deep-rooted, in a way, if there’s no easy beginning. (9)
 7 Fiber tiles might be made from it. (5)
 8 Made a tentative effort. (7)
14 and 26 across Ripped to pieces in the explosion? (You might, if things are!) (5,4,5)
16 You might find it at the bottom of the chest. (9)
17 Puts things into type size, upper or lower, for example. (7)
18 See 1 down
19 Reckoned to be put in the tall grass. (7)
20 They sometimes give people a pain. (7)
22 See 2 down
24 First and last letters, etc., could make one conquered some centuries ago. (5)