Puzzle No. 1295

Puzzle No. 1295



 1 In entrances, one gets left with fencing, perhaps. (6,5)

 9 It might be a liquid container in Delancy Street. (4)

10 and 28 One needs a little space to push aside part of the house. (5,4)

11 See 15 across

12 Nathan Bedford, perhaps, and how he used his pallet. (7)

13 See 7 down

15 and 11 One might be 31 with it, but the left hands aren’t necessarily boney. (8,4)

16 A number might require backing, and it’s about time! (6)

18 Did something associated with love and honor? (6)

21 A whale of a story! (4-4)

24 Artists in the cabinet, perhaps. (7)

26 The fine points of military duty. (7)

28 See 10

29 and 17 down To bring things up, such as "What Linemen Are Supposed to Do"? (5,3,6)

30 See 25 down

31 The pitch might be foul! (11)


 2 Without pretense, a relative confusion at the big meeting? (9)

 3 Too much of the type with a physical disorder? (7)

 4 One might be all wrapped up in the head of 28 and half of 18. (4)

 5 Studied intensively about us, with the force available. (7)

 6 One the track of a snake? (5)

 7 and 13 across How a fisherman or shepherd makes his living, one way or another? (2,4,2,5)

 8 About a speck a long way off? (6)

14 One is bound to be on the other side. (5)

17 See 29 across

19 Legal argument pushed by many? (6)

20 One might find such things last. (7)

22 One might legally do it to his own car, but not someone else’s. (5,2)

23 They have their points as South American money-makers. (6)

25 and 30 In two words, what George Wither hoped to find, or just females collectively? (9)

27 Barbarian New York, the morning after! (4)

This puzzle originally appeared in the April 28, 1969, issue.


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