The National Call-In for Peace is an effort by a coalition of peace and veterans groups to coordinate a unified phone campaign to urge Congress to reject the Bush supplemental appropriations request for $93 billion more for the war in Iraq.

Each day from March 5 through March 13, a different national antiwar group will take the lead in generating calls to Congress. The Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) are up today with CodePink on deck for tomorrow.

PDA offers some talking points for the calls:

**Most Iraqis – both Sunni and Shia — want US troops out of their country and most believe attacks on our troops are justified.

**US military force is no solution in Iraq. Diplomacy, not war, is the solution.

**The American people at the polls in November and in opinion polls have expressed their view that the US needs to get out.

**With its Constitutionally-granted “power of the purse,” Congress has the duty to end the war by cutting off war funding, except what’s needed for the prompt, safe, orderly withdrawal of all our troops.

With a wobbly Democratic leadership consumed with half-hearted amendments aimed at undermining the surge but not the war, the coalition is making every effort to marshall grassroots pressure on Democratic legislators. Help the effort by calling 1-888-851-1879 today and click here to share the story of how the call went.