The People’s Guide

The People’s Guide


Earlier this week, Mayor Bloomberg offered, among other inducements, a ten percent discount at participating New York City Applebee’s to all RNC protesters who picked up and presented a powder-blue NYC “Peaceful Political Activist” button.

The location of these Applebee’s are some of the few points of interest to protesters not chronicled in The People’s Guide, a free compendium of events, directions, legal resources, restaurant recommendations, hospital locations, and other valuable RNC-related material. “Intended to standardize communication among event-planners, protesters, media, tourists, wanderers, monitors, hangers-on, and friends,” the recently published guide offers a tremendous amount of info on the anticipated protests, panels, presentations, performances and parties that are expected to greet the GOP delegates when they hit New York City.

Click here to check out The People’s Guide, click here for a daily calendar of RNC-related events and click here for a list of suggested ways you can help the anti-RNC efforts. We’ll continue to highlight various events, protests and campaigns as the RNC draws closer, so watch this space for details and let us know about any activities you think we should be featuring by clicking here.

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