Orchestrated Intimidation: We Won’t Stand For It

Orchestrated Intimidation: We Won’t Stand For It

Orchestrated Intimidation: We Won’t Stand For It

Campus Progress has compiled a formidable Toolkit for In-District Action during the August recess.


This post was written by Natasha Bowens and was originally published at CampusProgress.org.

Organized mobs of right wing activists are disrupting town halls this first week of Congressional recess to try to intimidate fellow constituents and put their representatives on the defensive in regards to healthcare reform.

ThinkProgress reported that “By delaying a vote until after the August recess, lobbyists are now seizing upon recess town halls as opportunities to ambush lawmakers and fool them into believing there is wide opposition to reform.”

But we know this is an illusion and the public strongly supports health care reform. This kind of absurd right-wing obstruction has been used to oppose climate change solutions as well. Young progressives will not be intimidated and we will not lay low.

Campus Progress has compiled a Toolkit for In-District Action during the August recess, along with creative event ideas and info on the latest issue updates so that the millennial generation can get out and make an impact this August recess.

We are encouraging young activists and bold future leaders to get out there and make their voices heard; the time is now to ensure that the pending legislation for health care, climate, and college affordability are not weakened or threatened by conservative and right-wing obstructionists.

Many Representatives are already setting up town hall meetings in their districts. Town halls are meant to be civic meetings between representatives and their constituents to discuss the hot issues of the day, however these industry-backed right-wing mobs are ambushing the sessions with heckling, loud chants of “Just Say NO” to healthcare reform, and are many times not even letting representatives or other constituents get one word out.

These ambush tactics are not unplanned. They are not a one-off coincidence. These activists are being organized by right-wing lobbyists and being fed talking points and instructions on exactly how to shut down the town halls. This video on The Rachel Maddow Show details the actions taking place and the shows the instructed memo that the activists are receiving before attending the meetings. It’s not surprising that the talking points focus on obstructing reform instead of offering alternative solutions.

Don’t let this August recess be dominated by the familiar tactics of fear, intimidation, and lack of actual solutions – Get Out and Make an Impact this August Recess- visit our August Action Recess center today to stand up against Conservative obstruction.

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