In its first direct engagement with the federal government, the Occupy movement will take its collective national might to Washington, DC, on Tuesday, January 17. People are planning to mass at West Front Lawn at Capitol Hill at 9:00am, followed by a rally, teach-in, vigil, protest action and, of course, an evening Occu-Party. There are also concurrent meetings with individual members of Congress throughout the day. Organizers are encouraging people to contact their own legislators directly.

“If you would like to meet with your member(s) of Congress it is best if you request to schedule the meeting. Folks who are doing logistics for Occupy Congress are available to help, but the most powerful tool to help get a meeting is the fact that you are the constituent and the member of Congress theoretically represents you. It is best to schedule Congressional meetings sometime between 9:00AM and noon on January 17th since that is the time period specifically set aside in the Occupy Congress schedule for direct Congressional meetings.” (This nifty guide details exactly how to go about arranging appointments.)

Check out this page for details on ride-shares, charter buses, lodging and other necessary logistics as well as ways to make your voice heard whether you can get to DC or not.