This week The Nation‘s lead editorial argues that progressives should join forces with immigrant advocates to create a broad social movement placing the rights of immigrants at the heart of a struggle for economic justice. The best and most immediate way to do that is to support the April 10 Day of Action for Immigrant Justice.

Organized by a coalition of immigrant, labor, faith, civil rights and business groups as well as the Center for Community Change , this nationwide series of protests is expected to take place in hundreds of different locations coast to coast. The goal: “To stop anti-immigrant legislation from becoming law and to pass real, comprehensive immigration reform that provides a clear path to citizenship, unites families, and ensures workplace and civil rights protections for all.”

Here’s How You Can Help:

Go to an April 10 event. Click here to find an event near you.

Sign the coalition’s petition for immigrant rights.

Make a donation to support the work of the April 10 activities and subsequent related organizing. Your tax-deductible contribution will go to the Fair Immigration Reform Movement, a project of the Center for Community Change.

Let your elected reps know that you want them to support a comprehensive and inclusive reform bill.

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