Nation Pundits More Predict Election 08

Nation Pundits More Predict Election 08

Nation Pundits More Predict Election 08

Chris Hayes, Laura Flanders, Leslie Savan, John Nichols, Andrew Gumbel and Ari Berman preview Election 2008.


This week on RadioNation with Laura Flanders, we take a roller coaster ride through a country on the verge of change and make some bold predictions about Election 2008. This Tuesday it’s a new type of ground game up against old dog whistle racism and vote suppression versus rising hopes of a Democratic landslide. Chris Hayes and Leslie Savan sound off on the Presidential race; John Nichols previews the Senate, the Congress, and the impact of third parties; Andrew Gumbel assesses the threat of widespread vote suppression; and Ari Melber and Ludovic Blain ask if Tuesday will be the last stand for racist campaign politics. Listen to the broadcast here.

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