The attempt to fashion a distinct Democratic identity was temporarily halted when Elaine Kamarck and William Galston published a self-serving call for Democrats to move to the “center.” But nearly every Senate Democrat voted for a raise in the minimum wage, a clear move exclusive to the party.


Permanent Minority.

Clintonites Elaine Kamarck and William Galston published yet another in a series of self-serving reports demanding that Democrats abandon their base, move to the so-called center and appeal to “swing voters.” The move reinforced dishonest stereotypes of the center as being far to the right of where it actually is and served as a stimulus for right-wing publications like the Washington Times to push the Democratic Party to be yet more conservative.

Toward the Majority

. Every Senate Democrat (except two who were absent) voted for Senator Ted Kennedy’s proposal to raise the minimum wage; all but three Republicans voted against it. The unity draws a clear contrast between Democrats and Republicans on this critical economic issue.

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