Mike Papantonio: The Climate Change Point of No Return

Mike Papantonio: The Climate Change Point of No Return

Mike Papantonio: The Climate Change Point of No Return

If the earth’s temperature rises by another 2 degrees celsius, our planet faces mass extinctions.


Attorney Mike Papantonio, co-host of the national radio talk show Ring of Fire, repeats what scientists like Bill McKibben have been saying for years: as the planet’s temperature rises, its climate is nearing a “no-return zone.” Once the temperature increases by a further 2 degrees celsius, the earth will began to suffer extinction events. As of now, we’re heading for a seven-celsius increase in temperature—and climate catastrophe.

Rather than get caught up in short-term concerns, we need to focus on the bigger issues affecting the sustainability of our planet, Papantonio argues. On February 17th, activists from around the country will be in DC with McKibben’s 350.org, the Sierra Club and the Hip-Hop Caucus for the Forward on Climate rally, demanding that Obama take a principled stand to address the realities of climate change.

—Alec Luhn

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