This list is, of course, open to debate. A hundred, if not a thousand, couplings could be offered in their place. I will say that the last two pairings are quintessential to the premise behind these categories. Originally, they were first on the list.

steel plastic
Picasso Warhol
Pullman & Coach First Class & Economy
romance narcissism
pot roast vegan
Hitler Hussein
Churchill Blair
Zionism Israel
USSR People’s Republic of China
consumption cancer
Gone With the Wind The DaVinci Code
drought flood
blizzard global warming
steak salad
beer lite beer
dessert No-Cal
tycoons CEOs
typewriters PCs
Off-Broadway Off-Off-Broadway
bebop rap
shoes sneakers
library Internet
epistles blogs
Gallo Pinot Noir
bourbon single malt
the Depression the 1990s
corner stores malls
Sinatra Eminem
farming agribusiness
slums projects
highways superhighways
Sears, Roebuck Wal-Mart
antiseptics antibiotics
heart attacks bypasses
concentration fragmentation
war terrorism