If you took part in Saturday’s antiwar protests, click here to download a free poster/flyer, created for the occasion by the Public Works Project. It’s distinguished, in large part, by the fact that it possesses actual artistic merit–at least in my humble opinion. Print the flyer, post it, pass it out, or email it around.

And if you couldn’t be at any of the marches in person, here are a few ideas for some e-activism online.

Click here to tell your elected reps to oppose funding this illegal, unnecessary and, increasingly, unpopular war.

Add your name to a global antiwar petition demanding a cessation of the Iraq occupation and a pledge to combat preemptive US military actions in the future.

Throw your support to the National Campaign for a Peace Fund Tax.

You might also spread the word about the PWP, a fledging project with vast potential. Aiming to inject a healthy dose of art and political consciousness into the landscape of the American city, the Public Works Project–a project of The Nation Institute–is hoping to revive the concept of conscripting art to influence the citizenry on timely issues of the day. Check out its past projects and click here to help make more of them happen.