Barack Obama won the Maine caucuses by a wide margin Sunday night, securing 59 percent of the vote to just 40 percent for Hillary Clinton.

That’s 15 more delegates for Obama, nine more for Clinton.

And it caps a weekend that saw Obama win everywhere people had a chance to vote for him — from the Virgin Islands, where he got 89.9 percent of the vote, to Louisiana (57 percent of the vote; 33 delegates to 22 for Clinton) to Nebraska (68 percent; 16 delegates to 8 for Clinton) to Washington (68 percent; 35 delegates to 15 for Clinton).

But Maine was particularly sweet. It neighbors New Hampshire, which denied Obama an expected win in last month’s primary, and Massachusetts. which backed Clinton on Super Tuesday.

Both Obama and Clinton campaigned in Maine — bringing a rare level of attention to a state that usually caucuses without much attention. The Clinton camp also brought in former President Bill and former First Daughter Chelsea, and it had the backing of Maine Governor John Baldacci.

But Obama swept just about everywhere.

After this weekend of wins, Obama backers will be excused for renewing the old saying, “As Maine goes, so goes the nation.” They’ve got to feel that the momentum in on their side.

And if the Illinois senator wins Tuesday’s “Potomac primary” voting in Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia, the Obama camp won’t just be feeling it has momentum. The surge will have been confirmed.