Nation editor Katrina vanden Heuvel and Arianna Huffington
convene on Joy Behar’s show to talk about Rush Limbaugh’s inaccurate and
gratuitous Sunday morning appearance on Fox. Behar points out Limbaugh’s
most paradoxical sound bite, and asks them: how can he say he hopes
Obama fails and also say he loves America? Vanden Heuvel argues that
even though this sentiment is old news, it is striking how it now
represents the “all-out war” that Republicans have declared on Obama.
She also calls out Fox “News” on their “more than softball
interview”–why, if he already has a bully pulpit on his show, is his
fringe conservatism being spotlighted as the mainstream Republican
message? “Moderate Republicans made sense [before],” says vanden Heuvel,
almost lamenting the way that Limbaugh’s re-birth might lead to the
death of the center-right ethos–one that is necessary for our country’s
two-part system to remain balanced

Fernanda Diaz

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