Billy Bragg, a living legend of the British punk and folk music scenes, just released a new song as catchy and relevant as anything he’s produced in many years. Debuted two nights ago at a Haiti benefit concert in London, Last Flight to Abu Dhabi takes to task "the bankers who caused the crash."

The opening verse:
"Johnny was a banker, he made a lot of cash
Betting on derivatives, he helped to cause the crash
Now that everybody wants to limit his income
Jonty’s packed his bags and he’s going on the run"

And, as I said, the tune is real catchy.

Watch and circulate the video of the song’s first performance.

And, as Mary Bottari writes in her blog Bankster, the famous balladeer has taken the fight against the banks to a new level with a letter to the British Secretary of the Treasury announcing that he will not be paying his taxes to protest the bonuses paid to employees of the Royal Bank of Scotland.

To learn more about the campaign visit Bragg’s Facebook page: No Bonus for RBS, and if you’re not thoroughly familiar with his work, read this short interview with the longtime political activist and visit his website, where you can read, watch and listen to this international treasure.



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