It is no secret that American media is in turmoil, with many longstanding fixtures in print journalism either folding or forced to layoff staff. Each week through the end of 2009, a different media insider will offer their perspective on what media will look like in 5, 10, or 15 years–and what will become of investigative journalism. The series includes commentary from John Nichols, Dan Rather, Jane Mayer, Victor Navasky, Ana Marie Cox, David Schimke and Nick Penniman.

This week, Dan Rather, Managing Editor and Anchor of Dan Rather Reports on HDNet, and the former Anchor of CBS Evening News, weighs in on the positives and negatives of transitioning predominantly to online media. Speaking at The Nation‘s “What Will Become of Media” salon in the fall of 2009, he also recommends some books on the future of journalism that he thinks everyone should read.

To share your opinion on what the future of the media might be, write a letter to the editor marked “Future of Journalism.” We’ll gather the best responses and publish them at the beginning of 2010.

Fernanda Diaz

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