Jose Antonio Vargas and the DREAM Act

Jose Antonio Vargas and the DREAM Act

After a career of blending into the crowd, journalist Jose Antonio Vargas has come out of hiding about his legal status and has vowed to only cover immigration issues.


Jose Antonio Vargas did not know that he was an undocumented or "illegal" immigrant until he was sixteen and tried to get his driver’s license —only to learn that his green card was fake. Over a decade later, after a prosperous career as a journalist, he has recently outed himself as an illegal immigrant as a bold move to garner support the DREAM Act. Now, after a career of blending into the crowd, he has vowed to only cover immigration issues and co-founded the organization Define American

Vargas joined Rachel Maddow last night to discuss his story in the context of the DREAM Act hearings.

Anna Lekas Miller

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