McCain was his own man, that’s what was thought–
A man who spoke his mind, a man who’d fought
A war and suffered mightily, in fact,
But toughed it out. His honor was intact.
On certain issues, he would hold his ground
No matter where the party line was found.
This man seemed strong and fiercely independent,
And that’s what caused his star to be ascendant.
As was his way, McCain displayed no fears
Replying to those Carolina smears.
“An agent of intolerance” was what
He labeled Falwell, Karl Rove’s favorite nut.
But now, discerning where his future lies,
He kowtows to this nut he must despise.
Yes, presidential fever’s got him now.
To old McCain, alas, we must say ciao.
That independent man is gone for good.
What torture couldn’t do ambition could.