Today we unveil a new weekly feature called Washington Post Watch, though given the shoddiness of the WaPo’s editorial pages we might as well call it Shooting Fish in a Barrel.

I didn’t notify the Washington Post we were starting up the feature this week, but they were kind enough to provide us with a big fat target in Kathleen Parker’s latest column.

Now you may be familiar with Parker’s recent column, nicely gutted by Glenn Greenwald, in which she laid out an extended apologia for a kind of blood and soil nationalism that flirts obscenely with good old fashioned white supremacy in passages such as this:

What they know is that their forefathers fought and died for an America that has worked pretty well for more than 200 years. What they sense is that their heritage is being swept under the carpet while multiculturalism becomes the new national narrative. And they fear what else might get lost in the remodeling of America.

“Worked pretty well for more than 200 years?” Really?

As far as I can tell that gem of a column never managed to make it into the august pages of the Washington Post, but sadly this column, about Edwards’ recent endorsement of Obama did.

Most of the column is perfectly stale slander directed at trial lawyers, but the lede is what wins Parker her star turn in this week’s Washington Post Watch:

Well, at least they didn’t kiss.

I was bracing myself for the lip lock Wednesday when John Edwards endorsed Barack Obama.

You’ll remember that Ann Coulter made essentially the same “joke” a while back, though with language that wouldn’t pass muster with the WaPo’s editors. But just because the word “faggot” didn’t appear in Parker’s column doesn’t mean she wasn’t trading on the concept. Maybe it’s only a matter of time until the Washington Post Writers Group adds Ann Coulter to its fine roster as well.