These lost stars
will they be
there when we
wake in our
sorrow, is it us
so lost in the
is it today
we look
to flower

If it were
because the time
we saw and
loved, if it was
because we are
and should be
this, the way
it was then, we
find it glowing
this our future
and bravado

We say how
could this be
when did this
happen that
we’ll find ourselves
somewhere else
in some future
laughing, why
is it incompatible
I mean what does
it matter, whether
the ship were in
the trees or
the ground was
in the water

The stars doubled
in the river
the stars once
floating in past
futures we ran
to, if it all
seems dizzy
and mayhem
if it all seems
promised and

Our future is
in the air