If You’re Worried About the Trans-Pacific Partnership, You Need to Call Congress Today

If You’re Worried About the Trans-Pacific Partnership, You Need to Call Congress Today

If You’re Worried About the Trans-Pacific Partnership, You Need to Call Congress Today

We have a real chance to stop a trade deal that threatens to be disastrous for the environment, jobs, and Internet freedom. 


The House of Representatives is expected to vote any day now on the bill that would allow fast track of the Trans-Pacific Partnership. The advocacy of a broad coalition of groups and thousands of constituents has managed to delay passage in the Senate. In the House, the votes are incredibly close, with both Democrats and Republicans on record that they will oppose it. If we keep up the pressure, we have a real chance of standing in the way of a trade bill that threatens to send job overseas, restrict governments’ ability to protect the environment, and weaken consumer safety standards.


Organizations such Fight for the Future, Public Citizen, Credo, and The Nation are asking Americans to call their representatives today to demand that they reject fast track of the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Call 888-804-8311 or use this tool to call your representative today. You can also take a minute to write to your representative.


In the June 15 issue of The Nation, John Nichols explained why progressives are right to oppose President Obama on fast track and the Trans-Pacific Partnership.


One of the most disturbing things about the TPP is that the public really does not know what’s in it. The American public has been barred from reviewing the document, while corporations such as Walmart, Chevron, and Cargill have been given special “cleared adviser” status in order to access negotiations. Wikileaks is raising a $100,000 reward for anyone who leaks the 26 chapters of the TPP that are currently still secret.

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