In yet another example of Republican hypocrisy, Rachel Maddow rails
against the contradictions from Republican Senator James Inhofe of
Oklahoma. Recently, when pressed about the stimulus funds he stated:
“There’s no stimulus in the stimulus bill. It was nothing but social
engineering and welfare.” Compare that to a statement made last year
when he took $25 million from the EPA for a cleanup effort in Oklahoma.
He praised the funds and said they were “great news” and “necessary

Nation DC Editor Chris Hayes explains the Republican Party’s
hypocrisy comes at a time of being in the minority and attempting to get
“free ride” off of the Democrats’ successes. Also, the Democrats’
decision to force Republicans into embarrassment is a good
strategy–mostly, as a way to prove that the stimulus funds are working.
“You have to hammer it home to people that they are lying to you,” he
says. “When they come to your district and they rail against the
stimulus, they are lying. They know it works.”

Clarissa Léon

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