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The next week and a half is our best chance to pass the DREAM Act to protect hundreds of thousands of immigrant youth brought to the United States as children. These young immigrants are leading the fight and telling their own stories to inspire others to action. Head to weareheretostay.org and share these stories widely. Scroll down the page and with one click you can automatically tweet a short video to Representative Paul Ryan or Senator Mitch McConnell.


GOP senators want to pass their tax plan—a plan with huge benefits for the rich and little to offer the rest of us—this week. If Democrats stand strong against it, we only need three Republicans on our side to win. Use Indivisible’s call tool to contact the constituents of the Republicans most likely to be among those three. After you sign up, you’ll be connected to progressives in Alaska, Arizona, and West Virginia, and given a script you can use to convince them to call their senators today. Sign up to make phone calls here.


One of the most effective things you can do to defeat the Republican tax plan is show up. Join MoveOn.org at “Tax Scam Caroling” events at senators’ offices and popular shopping areas across the country this week. Find an event near you here or click here to learn how you can plan your own.