GOP: Blame Dems for Torture Too

GOP: Blame Dems for Torture Too

The Nation‘s Chris Hayes points out the absurdity of the double-sided GOP response to the release of Bush-era torture memos.


In the aftermath of the release of the OLC
torture memos, The Nation‘s DC editor Chris Hayes appeared on
Countdown with Keith Olbermann Thursday, April 23, to discuss the
recent congressional finger pointing, namely House Minority Leader
John Boehner’s insisting Speaker Nancy Pelosi knew of the “torture
techniques” (Pelosi has denied all knowledge). All “verbiage” aside,
Hayes says the GOP is scared and that Republicans are “making two
simultaneous arguments. They want to use torture as a wedge issue but
at the same time want to say the Democrats signed off on it which are
sort of incompatible…they want to drag down everyone if anyone goes

Madeleine Kuhns

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