There’s a few different ways to react to Fox News host E.D. Hill labeling Barack and Michelle Obama’s fist bump in St. Paul last week as a possible "terrorist fist jab."

1. Hill should be reprimanded for her breathtaking ignorance and cultural myopia.

2. Hill should be fired for comparing Obama to a terrorist with absolutely no supporting evidence. In fact, she never even explains the reference in the segment that follows.

3. This is Fox News. What else should we expect?

A combination of 1 and 3 sounds about right. Today Hill offered this rather bizarre apology. SEE UPDATE BELOW.

"I certainly didn’t mean to associate the word terrorist in any way with Senator Obama and his wife," Hill explained.

There’s that word again–terrorist!

UPDATE: Fox News execs apparently decided option #2 was most appropriate. Hill has lost her show, but will remain with the network in some capacity. A new hire is conservative talk show host Laura Ingraham. No word yet on whether she’s compared Obama to a terrorist, but here’s a link to Ingraham’s greatest hits.